3 Things To Think About When Getting Flowers For A Funeral

Typically, people send flowers to funerals. Those flowers can be placed next to the casket, on top of the casket, or on top of the grave. Sometimes people also send potted plants for the family to take home with them. If you have to send flowers to a funeral, there are several things that you should think about while you make your decision. 

Flower Requests

Sometimes families don't want flowers sent to a funeral at all. This may be especially true if it's going to be just a very small funeral or if there is someone in the surviving family who has allergies to flowers. The family may also request that only certain kinds or colors of flowers are sent. For example, for a funeral of a little boy, the family may only want blue flowers sent, or if the deceased loved purple irises, that may be the only flower that the family wants at the funeral. There are ways to find this out. One is that you can read the obituary. Many times the obituary will have that information in it. You can also call the funeral home and ask them if they have any instructions about what flowers to send. You could also call someone close to the family and ask about preferences. 


One thing that many people like to do is to take flowers from the arrangements after the funeral and press them. People do this as a way to have a memento of the person who has died. Not all flowers press well or look good when they are pressed. So, you may want to think about how well any flower will press when you are ordering it, just in case someone wants to press the flowers for the family or friends of the family. You may even want to press them after the funeral to give to the family as part of a collage at a later date. 


The family may want to be able to take some of the arrangements home, to nursing homes, or to hospitals. This means that they need to be easily carried and transported in a car. So, think about what kind of arrangements would be easy for someone to take home with them or to another facility. 

Choosing the right flowers for a funeral can be difficult. There are things to think about that can make it easier for you to make that decision. For additional advice, contact a florist at a company like Karen's Flower shop.