Making The Most Of Your Baby Shower's Flower Arrangement Budget

As a symbol for the beautiful potential of life, flowers are a traditional focal point of baby showers, and they can make all the difference between a bland and vibrant celebration. No matter how big or small your baby shower, you probably want to stretch your flower arrangement budget as far as possible to ensure your decorations are adequately lavish. While you are planning for your shower, follow these four tips to fill the room with elegant and aromatic flower arrangements without needing to dip into the baby's college fund. 

Picking Appropriate Flowers

Choosing the flowers for your arrangement is often a deeply personal choice, but you can also take cues from traditional baby shower varieties like baby's breath and lilies. You may already have a favorite flower in mind to serve as a centerpiece, or you may begin with no idea what to choose at all. If you are struggling to decide, it may help to first establish a color palette for your shower. Pinks, blues, yellows and pastels are all common color themes for baby showers. Once you have a few shades in mind, speak to your florist to learn which flowers will suit your needs as well as their respective price points. 

Investing in a Centerpiece

Even if your floral budget is limited, you should invest in a large flower arrangement to place near the expectant mother and her gifts. This centerpiece will appear in many of the photos and be at the center of guests' attention, making it one of the more memorable aspects of the whole shower. Place this centerpiece on a table where it is prominent without overshadowing the expectant mother, and tie the rest of your arrangements and decorations to its flowers and colors. This creates a sense of cohesion and careful planning that guests will appreciate and remember long afterward. 

Choosing Your Vases

Flowers may be important, but the vessels that hold them are just as noticeable. Choose vases that match your color palette, playing off the shades of one or two flowers in your arrangement. For a less traditional approach, you might choose a less common container for the flowers, such as wine glasses, baskets or jars full of fruits or candy. Carefully coordinating arrangements with the right vessels can make your flowers appear more substantial and expensive than they really are, particularly if you are working with a slim budget.  

Distributing Smaller Arrangements Across Tables

Once you have your centerpiece established, the rest of your flower arrangements do not need to be as elaborate. You can even get away with placing a single flower at each table or around the room, so long as it is in an appropriately sized vase and calls back to the primary arrangement. It is important to use these smaller arrangements, because they draw guest's attention back to the expectant mother and her centerpiece while still allowing them to enjoy the flowers up close. With careful planning and some thrifty instincts, you should be able to shower your shower with blossoms without needing to skimp on the rest of your budget. 

To arrange for your baby shower flowers, see Forest Hill Florist or your local florist today.