3 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs A Lovely Bunch Of Flowers

Flowers are bright, bold, and beautiful, but do they actually have any effect on you? Studies show that they do! According to Jonathan Kaplan, Ph.D., of Psychology Today, plants can "produce psychological benefits, reduce stress, and improve concentration." These improvements are especially helpful in the workplace, where you need mentally and physically healthy people to feel relaxed and be productive.

The three important ways that flowers can greatly benefit employees are that they can lower anxiety, improve brain function, and improve air quality.

Lowered Anxiety

Anxiety is a general sense of nervousness that leaves a person unable to perform work effectively. Thankfully, the bright colors of flowers promote mental clarity and energize those who are surrounded by them. In hospitals for example, flowers have been proven to lower systolic blood pressure and pulse rates and make patients less anxious and tired. It is bound to have a similar effect on employees.

Improved Brain Function

Employees will maintain focus when their anxiety is lowered and their minds are clear due to flowers' calming physical properties. With increased focus, you can be more productive and efficient with work. Furthermore, you are less likely to encounter stress from unfinished assignments due to better concentration and performance.

Also, the colors of the flowers not only energize and motivate you to accomplish more, but they also promote calm and creativity with their curved shape and beautiful patterns. On the contrary, flowers that have clashing colors tend to have an opposite effect, so make sure to choose bunches that have colors near to one another on the color wheel.

Improved Air Quality

Unfortunately not every place of work has access to an open window to allow fresh air in. Since flowers can give off oxygen, it can definitely help freshen and improve the quality of air you are inhaling. For example, daisies and chrysanthemums are beautiful, brightly colored flowers that also filter out toxins such as benzene, which are present in most inks.


The next time you may feel excessively sick or tired at work, besides making sure you visit your doctor to properly treat your illness, try ordering flowers from a place like Ciano Florist to reduce the times you experience these symptoms. Flowers are not only decorative and aesthetically pleasing; they also have a positive effect on our physical health. Also, do not limit flowers to the workplace; being surrounded by nature can wonderfully improve your overall health.