How To Choose Flowers For Each Occasion

Flowers are a wonderful gift for any occasion. Both men and women appreciate receiving flowers for an important life event. However, if you are trying to chose the right set of flowers for a loved one, friend or acquaintance, you might be wondering what kind of flower you should chose. Here are a couple things you need to know about choosing the right flowers for the right occasion.

1. Love, Anniversary, Wedding

When you are trying to convey love, whether it is a new or renewed love, it is important that you choose the right flower. Some of the best flowers for these kinds of circumstances are those that represent a new beginning, life, and love. For a new love the best flowers are roses, daises and asters. All of these flowers symbolize deep feelings of purity and love for another person.

For an anniversary it is wonderful to try a flower that is an annual. These flowers are great because they bloom, and rebloom each year, symbolizing a renewal and rebirth of love. Some of the best flowers that symbolize these feelings are a lily, daffodil, and iris.

In all of these categories you should choose deep colors such as purples, red, pinks and even white for purity. Avoid yellows, since that can mean friendship and platonic feelings.

2. Friendship

If you are sending friends to a friend to show them a platonic love and spread joy and happiness, you should choose a flower such as a gerber daisy, carnation, marigold, chrysanthemum, or any other simple flower. Go for colors that are bright and happy such as orange, yellow, and white or light pinks. This will help convey the feeling that you are trying to brighten their day.

3. Sympathy

If you have a loved one friend or acquaintance that is suffering you might want to send flowers. In this case you should choose flowers that bring comfort or rebirth.

Comforting flowers are generally those that have full petals and subdued colors. This is why people choose things like white lilies, large blue roses and deep purple calla lilies.

Renewed flowers are those that bloom each year. You can choose flowers that are bulbs. These flowers can symbolize hope and faith.

By knowing what kind of flower you should buy for each occasion, you can send the message that you need. If at any time you are confused about what kind of flower to get, you can talk to a florist like one from Joanna's Florist.